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Pricing Schedule and Full Registration
Our pricing schedule has been announced and full registration is now open! The pricing is similar to previous years and the earlier you register the lower the rates will be!


Bike Northwoods Tour

  • Click Here to register for the Bike Northwoods Tour.
  • Click Here for the Bike Northwoods Tour price schedule.


During this transition year our pricing will accelerate much, much more quickly than previous years so register NOW in order to take advantage of the lowest possible rates. Please share this information with your family, friends, and riding partners as well or sign them up yourself so they can also get the best possible rates!

Online and Paper Forms
Both online and paper registration forms will also be available. You will need to register online if you want to use a credit card or via the paper registration forms if you do not wish to pay the additional processing fees charged by active.com or pay by check or money order. The rates for paper registrations will be charged based on the postmark date so make sure to mail them in early!

Sales Tax
We will have two separate registration forms for each event - one for Wisconsin residents and one for non-Wisconsin residents in order to appropriately charge 5.6% sales tax to Wisconsin residents for all services and merchandise items per Wisconsin state and county law.

All Registrations are Still Fully Refundable
As the weather gets nicer we are continuing to work very, very hard on firming up details of the tours. As a result all registrations will continue to be fully refundable. We are absolutely committed to make sure you know to know exactly what to expect about our events and confident in our services.

Once the specifics about each tour have been finalized we will post up the information online and set a specific refund date. If our events no longer suit what you are looking for and you decide you no longer want to participate we will fully refund your deposit upon request by that date.

  • Update 6/1/17: The last day to submit a refund request for a tour will be the regular registration deadline for that tour. After that, fees are not refundable at any time for any reason.

Registration Limits
Being a transition year, as our logistic plans come together we will probably be limiting our participation numbers for this year. Everyone who registers will be guaranteed a spot (we will not drop anyone) so make sure to register now in order to assure yourself a spot! Since you can fully cancel in the future anyways, you really have nothing to lose!!!!!

Extra Services and Merchandise
You can now also sign up for the following extra services when you register:

  • Transportation service from Prairie du Chien to Eagle River before the start of the tour (GRABAAWR only)
  • Long-Term Personal Vehicle Parking During the Tour
  • Towel Service
  • Tent Rental
  • Chair Rental

We are still determining the prices and/or availability of Bike Wisconsin merchandise items such as jerseys, water bottles, and extras t-shirts and will follow up with you when they become available.

Non-Rider Registrations
Non-riders are people who will be attending the tour but not actually riding a bicycle, such as private SAG vehicle drivers, friends, family members, etc.

From our experience non-riders make the BEST volunteers and we strongly want to encourage them to attend the tours. As a result we are keeping non-rider prices very low and we will not be charging any fees for any additional on tour vehicles. More information about our volunteer opportunities will be coming soon.

Regular and Late Registration Periods
Our regular registration deadline will be about one month before the event. Before the regular registration deadline, we will guarantee the availability of all services and merchandise items.

For about three weeks after the regular registration deadline, a late fee of $75 for the full tour and $15 per day for a partial day tour will be assessed. We also cannot guarantee the availability of registration for any event or service or merchandise item.

Week Before and Day of Event Registrations
Our prices will significantly increase one week before and during the tours themselves. This is to strongly encourage people to register beforehand because we need to accurately know how many participants and also have adequate time to properly prepare such things as food, equipment, busses, t-shirts, printed cue sheets, etc. We will also not have very much extra room in our vehicles to bring any unneeded extra supplies or equipment with us such as towels, tents, or chairs. Accordingly,

  • The prices for all services and merchandise items will increase by about 60% one week before the tour

All registrations must be completed online starting one week before the tour to ensure that we receive your information and proper payment in a timely manner; paper registrations will no longer be accepted. Due to the lack of internet availability all registrations will be completed via paper forms the day of the tours itself.

Remaining Amount Due from the Initial Deposit
If you had already submitted an initial deposit of $150.00, the remaining amount due will simply be the current registration fee minus $150.00. For example if you register for GRABAAWR by March 15th the remaining amount due would be $199.00 ($349.00 - $150.00). If you register by Fri. March 31st (but after March 15th) the remaining amount due would be $249.00 ($399.00 - $150.00).

Separate registration forms for the remaining amount due (both online and paper) are available and only a minimal amount of personal information needs to be reentered. Please use the same information as when you initially registered since we will need to correlate your information.

You will also be able to register for the extra services and merchandise listed above when you submit the remaining amount due.

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